Distribution of Dental Equipment and Supplies

Our dental equipment and supplies distribution network covers the Liaoning, Heilongjiang and Jilin Provinces in the Northern PRC.

Dental Equipment and Supplies

Our subsidiary, Shenyang Maotai Q & M Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., is engaged in the distribution and sale of dental equipment and supplies, such as dental chairs, ultrasound scanners, dental instruments, materials and consumables, to dental hospitals, clinics, distributors and laboratories. Notably, we hold the right to distribute and sell (within certain regions including but not limited to, the Liaoning Province, Northern PRC) certain types of dental equipment and supplies of major brands such as Acteon-Satelec and Shofu Dental.

Ancillary to the distribution of dental equipment and supplies, we also provide maintenance and aftersales support to our customers. Through our team of certified technicians, we offer our customers maintenance and support for dental equipment and supplies that are both within and out of warranty, thus extending the useable lifespan of the same. Most dental equipment and supplies utilise proprietary technologies and parts that untrained technicians are not able to properly diagnose, service, procure and/or install. Our maintenance and aftersales support ensures that our customers’ dental equipment and supplies function reliably within specification.